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Sanghvi Ispat Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Kavelu pattern roofing sheets in India. With over three decades of experience in the industry, the company has earned a reputation for quality and reliability.  

Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are a popular and versatile solution for modern buildings. They are used for both industrial and residential roofing, providing a durable and attractive finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are available in various materials, including steel, aluminum, and copper, providing a wide range of options for architects and building owners. 

Kavelu pattern roofing sheets offer several benefits, including: 

  1. Durability: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures. 

  1. Fire Resistance: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are fire-resistant and can provide additional protection against fire hazards. 

  1. Aesthetics: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets provide an attractive and modern finish that can be customized to suit specific design requirements. 

  1. Cost-Effective: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are cost-effective compared to other roofing materials, and they can last for many years with minimal maintenance. 

  1. Sustainability: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are eco-friendly, as they are recyclable and can contribute to sustainable construction practices. 

kavelu pattern roofing sheets can be used for various applications, including: 

  1. Industrial Buildings: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are widely used in industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. They provide a durable and cost-effective solution for roofing requirements. 

  1. Commercial Buildings: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are used in commercial buildings such as offices, shopping centers, and retail outlets. They can provide an attractive and modern finish that can help attract customers and clients. 

  1. Residential Buildings: Kavelu pattern roofing sheets are used in residential buildings such as apartments, condominiums, and houses. They can provide an attractive and modern finish that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the building. 

The installation process of Kavelu pattern roofing sheets involves the following steps: 

  1. Preparation of the Roof: The roof where the Kavelu pattern roofing sheets will be installed should be prepared by cleaning and smoothing the surface. 

  1. Installation of the Purlins: The purlins should be installed on the roof to provide a stable base for the Kavelu pattern roofing sheets. 

  1. Installation of the Roofing Sheets: The Kavelu pattern roofing sheets should be installed on the purlins using screws or clips. The joints should be sealed to prevent water and moisture from entering the roof. 

  1. Finishing: The roof should be finished with ridge caps and flashing to provide additional protection against weather elements. 

Maintenance of Kavelu Pattern Roofing Sheets 

Kavelu pattern roofing sheets require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water can help remove dirt and grime from the surface. Rust spots can be removed with a wire brush and rust remover. Kavelu pattern roofing sheets 


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